Please waste your time on me.
― Six Word Story  (via gnarly)

So I went to the bookstore today after class to keep myself in the pretty good mood I was in (a good critique in draping, they cancelled work but I still get paid, and I think I decided what I want to specialize in during my third and fourth years here at school) and I got two books by F Scott Fitzgerald. But like now I’m trying to enjoy myself by reading The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and I can hardly focus on what I’m reading because my thoughts are somewhere else. I have better things to think about, but somehow I keep coming back to how confused and slightly offended I am. I know, it’s not worth my time…but i can’t help but think about it, even though I don’t want to.
Ugh I just want to read my books and be happy but I’m so damn distracted :(

In the old days, before Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey [Buckingham] and I had no money, so we had a king-size mattress, but we just had it on the floor. I had old vintage coverlets on it, and even though we had no money it was still really pretty… Just that and a lamp on the floor, and that was it—there was a certain calmness about it. To this day, when I’m feeling cluttered, I will take my mattress off of my beautiful bed, wherever that may be, and put it outside my bedroom, with a table and a little lamp.
― Stevie Nicks on the origins of “Gypsy” (via diekatzedesigns)